Anna Humpal 
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About Annie
After her time in college at Texas A&M, where she received a bachelor of science in Visualization, a hybrid between computer science and fine arts, Annie found herself wanting to work face-to-face with real people, small businesses, and big. She desired to truly know her clients and help make things that are uniquely theirs. With that dream in mind, she and her husband Dillon began Anna Humpal Media in February of 2023, by the grace of God. Annie has harnessed an expertise in bringing people's businesses into the digital world. Armed with an eye for aesthetics and knowledge of various high-performance programs, she prides herself on being able to marry both the creative and the technical.

We specialize in content curation, business growth strategy, social management, and design. We believe that effective design can truly transform a brand's identity and make a lasting impact. Quality product needs proper marketing behind it to flourish! 
Let's collaborate and bring your brand's vision to life.
Dillon Humpal
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About Dillon
Dillon is a fourth year medical student at UT McGovern Medical School in Houston, Texas. He has a bachelor of science in Biomedical Sciences and plans to pursue his residency in 2025. He has an eye for business and assists in making sure things run smoothly. Dillon is an expert in time management, keeping motivated, and overcoming hurdles with grace. He also provides constant encouragement - always keeping a positive attitude and zest for life. 
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